AI or artifical intelligence is the art of making intelligent machines.




An agent is anything that perceives its enviroment thorugh some sensors and acts upon the enviroment throught some actuators.

Some types of agents

Example, taxi driver,

Any part of the enviroment that is fully observable is called a fully obersable enviroment. Else it is partially observalble. Most aspects of the enviroment are only partially observable.

A stocahstic enviroment is random in nature and cannot be determined completely by an agent.

In a deterministic enviroment that is fully obersvable, agents do not need to account for random chance.

If the enviroment can change while the agent is deliberating/computing what to do, then the enviroment is dynamic. Otherwise, it is static. Static enviroments are much easier to deal with, because an agent must not constantly deliberate on when to change course suddenly.

If the number of possible states that can be percieved is bounded, then the enviroment is called a discrete enviroment, otherwise it is a continous enviroment. A chess game is discrete, because there is a finite number of moves that cna be played.

If there is only one agent in the enviroment, then it is called a single agent enviroment. HOwever if mulitple agents are operating in the enviroment, then it is a multi agent enviroment. The design problems are much harder in a multiagent enviroment.