An Inductor is a component that stores energy in a magnetic field. It does this by using a current flowing through a coil of wire, often around a magnet. Inductance is measured in Henery's (H)

Inductors are resistant to changes in current, and therefore can be used to smooth out sudden changes. They also cause AC signals voltage and current to get out of sync.

Inductors can wirelessly couple if their coils are placed in the same plane, due to the induced magnetic field. This may cause currents to generate in issolated coils if their fields are aligned.


Different types of inductors lend themselves to different applications.

Parallel and Series

When in series, the total inductors value is added together.

When in parallel, the total inductance is equal to the reciprical of the sum of recipricals. This means that for three inductors L1 L2 and L3, the total inductance of them in parallel is

Total = 1/(1/L1 + 1/L2 + 1/L3)


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